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Nicola Guastamacchia moves between the realms of art, law and politics to explore the ideological contradictions inherent to established historical narratives and geographical constructions. Looking at the mutating intersections of the European, Mediterranean and global landscapes, his projects combine a conceptual approach with juridical frameworks, to track down the genealogies of symbols, traditions and habits dangerously taken as granted. Inspired by ideals of inclusion and cultural hybridization, Guastamacchia’s practice encourages a conscious observation of the contemporary demise of national forms of identity, and their institutional and hegemonic implications. Each project is hence dedicated to witness momentous events of our present and provide interpretative clues to critically understand them. Ultimately, the idea that there is a revolutionary potential to contemporary art, which may not take the shape of revolutions as we learned to imagine them, is what inspires the artist’s personal and artistic path.

Nicola (Bari, Italy, 1990) holds a full degree in Law, the Mlitt in Modern and Contemporary Art from the University of Glasgow and the MFA in Fine Art from Kingston School of Art, where he studied under the mentorship of Philosopher Peter Osborne. From 2017 to 2021 he was Exhibitions Manager at Richard Saltoun Gallery, London. In 2020, he was among the recipients of the Italian Ministry of Culture “Cantica 21” Award to which followed his first major solo shows at Fondazione Pino Pascali and at the Italian Cultural Institute Tunis in 2021. He was recently shortlisted for the Exibart Prize, Nocivelli Prize and “Un’opera per Castel Sant’Elmo” Award at Museo del ‘900, Naples.


Co-founder of VOGA Art Project, Bari

Co-director of In-ruins, Calabria

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