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Nicola Guastamacchia works between the realms of art, law and politics to explore urgent social and cultural contradictions inherent to established forms of belonging and national identity in the European and global landscapes. Combining a practice based approach with writing and critical theory his work resorts to curatorial and collaborative projects as well as site- specific interventions, sculptures, collages and prints to investigate issues of political inclusion, language hybridisation and institutional demise. In this context, manifestos and actions form the history of the Avantgarde are primary aesthetic references to test the limits of contemporary blending of art and  politics. Each project is a step in the ongoing commitment to record significant moments of our present. Ultimately, the idea that there is a revolutionary potential to contemporary art, which may not take the shape of revolutions as we learned to imagine them, is what inspires the Nicola’s personal and artistic path.
Co-director, In-ruins residency, Calabria, Italy
Co-founder, VOGA art project, Bari, Italy


Selected Exhibitions

Oct 2022      Mare Magnum Nostrum | Fondazione Ducci, Fez 

Sept 2022    XIV Premio Nocivelli | Palazzo Martinengo, Verolanuova 

Jul 2022      Codici Naturali | Torre Pallotta, Altomonte 

Mar 2022     In Varietate Concordia | Linea Project, Lecce [SOLO SHOW]

Dec 2021     Nicola Guastamacchia | Italian Cultural Institute, Tunis [SOLO SHOW]

Jul 2021       32 Metri Quadri di Mare (Mediterraneo) | Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali, Polignano a Mare [SOLO SHOW]

Oct 2021      Manifesto 3D | Balloon Project / Centro Studi Gobetti, Turin

Sept 2019     From Our Distant Proximity | Ambasciata Italiana / GulerSanat Gallery, Ankara

Nov 2018      2018 (Manifesto) | Italian Cultural Institute, Londra  [SOLO SHOW]

Jun 2018      Volume I | Astra Residency, Spoleto

Feb 2018      Studioless | Incheon Art Platform, Seoul

Sept 2017     Water is Wet | The Stanley Picker Gallery, London

Aug 2016       Marginalia | Labor Gallery, Budapest


Residencies, Workshops and Conferences

Aug-Oct 2022        'Mare Magnum Nostrum residency' | Fondazione Ducci, Fez

Apr-Jul 2022         'A cielo aperto' residency | Ass. Culturale Vincenzo De Luca, Latronico

Jul 2021                'Art in the Public Space' | KORA - Contemporary Arts Centre, Lecce

Feb 2020              'Traguardare' workshop with BIANCO-VALENTE | Italian Cultural Institute / Harabel Gallery, Tirana

Jun 2019               'Collectives as catalists' workshop | Raven Row Gallery, London

Jun 2018              London Conference in Critical Thought |  Westminster University, London

Nov 2017               Urban Encounters: ‘Cartographies: places through visual and photographic representations’ | APT Gallery, London

Jun 2017              The Contemporary Contemporary Conference | ARoS Museum, Aarhus

May 2017             Contemporary Research Intensive Workshop IUAV, Aarhus University e Liverpool John Moores University | Research Pavillion Venice

Prizes and Shortlists
2022                 Premio Nocivelli, Finalist painting section, Verolanuova
2022                 Exibart Prize 2021, 3rd place, Milan

2021                 Un'opera per il Castello Award, Finalist, Museo del '900, Naples 

2020                 Cantica21 Award - Under35 selection, Italian Ministry of Culture / Italian Ministry of External Affairs, Rome

2014                 NEO Art PrizeTiranti Award for Sculpture, Manchester

2014                 Christies' Education Trust Award, University of Glasgow

2013                 COMBAT Prize, Finalist Sculpture Section, Livorno

2012                  Laguna Art PrizeFinalist Under 25 Section, Venice

2021                 Course of Art and Politics, Basis voor Actuele Kunst (BAK), Utrecht
2015 — 2017     MFA in Fine Art, Kingston School of Art, London

2014 — 2015     Mlitt in Modern and Contemporary Art, University of Glasgow 

2009 — 2014    BLL+MLL in Business Law, Università di Bari, Italy 


Jan 2022       "Non mi toccare: Anna Ill e il corpo come misura", Forme Uniche, online

Jun 2021       "Storia di un incidente e delle sue vite precedenti: una conversazione con Nicola Lorini", Forme Uniche, online

Jan 2021       "On the legacy of street resistance: A conversation with Marinella Senatore" in Flash Art: PUBLIC ART 2666, online

Nov 2018      "Biennials, Triennials and Documenta" in Stenberg Press: The Contemporary Condition Series | Contemporary Research Workshop, Berlino

Nov 2017      "Keeping the rock rolling” in JAWS Journal Vol. 3, Intellect Books, Londra

Jun 2017       "The extemporary contemporary" in The Contemporary Contemporary Conference, Aarhus University,

Jan 2016       "London (behind the walls) in PeaProposals Spotlight series # 1,

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