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7.5 ml di mare Mediterraneo [7.5 ml of Mediterranean sea]
Bari, 2020
Overall: 10 x 6 cm
Marine water in a sealed bottle, rounded box and a leaflet

With a temporally paradoxical pretext, the continental drift of Africa towards Europe, this small box accompanied by instructions offers to its future owner the privilege of appropriating 7.5 millilitres of water collected from the Mediterranean Sea, which is destined to disappear. The leaflet provides coordinates of the shore where the water was collected and recites:

“(Sealed for strictly personal use) Sample collected on the 23 December 2020, after learning the worrying news that Africa is approaching Europe at the speed of 2 cm per year, and that such continental drift will soon bring to the disappearance of the Sea that separates them.”

2021_Italy_7.5 ml of Mediterranean sea_1.jpg
2021_Italy_7.5 ml of Mediterranean sea_2.png
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