A falnak is füle van
Budapest, 2016 | Labor Gallery
The series was developed over a month residency at Labor Gallery in Budapest and deals with the building of a border-long fence by Orban's government aimed at stopping migrant fluxes from Serbia. 
It includes posters and wheeled wooden walls, and an action was carried out in the urban space to bring one of the latter in front of the main entrance of the Museum of National History. 
A falnak is fule van (action)

2.31 min

Digital video


a falnak is fule van good.jpg
A falnak is fule van

60 x 40 cm each

Set of 3 risoprints on newsprint

The sentence “walls have ears” has been employed in war posters and propaganda leaflets all over the world to protect secret information and warn against spies. These prints depict the outlines of the borders of Hungary and Turkey, where enforced border controls and fences are present.


The Wallies

120/180/210/100 x 100 x 50 cm

wood, wallpaper, trolley's wheels and mixed media