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Ostuni, 2019

Each 17 x 12 cm 

Digital video shot on iphone, 1:55 min

Disability encompasses an incredibly vast variety of radically different life experiences. The term, however, often conceals this plurality allowing to think of disability as a story that can be actually recounted as it was common and the same to everyone who discovers himself a disabled person. What seems most difficult today is to give account of this plurality and to create narrative spaces able to grasp and communicate the diversity beyond terminological definitions. In art, disability often appears to have become just another specific sector of contemporary artistic production, able to discuss and address its own discrete specificities only. [inaudible] is a video shot on smartphone featuring the artist’s sister during their summer holidays in South Italy. Slightly theatrical and apparently staged like many of the moments of a disabled person’s life, the video presents an unsolicited and spontaneous moment of sharing. The only featured character, recounts of her journey to a lighthouse and what made it special. Stories like this are often overshadowed by more urgent issues that are at stake when talking about disability. Yet there’s something revelatory and beautiful in their subtle and immediate simplicity.

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