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Un posto al sole (A place under the sun)
Bari, 2021 
80 x 80 cm

Screen print on burlap in a vintage frame

Resembling an abstract painting belonging to the last century, this work actually depicts the outline of Ethiopia, which was among the Italian colonies under fascism. A postcolonial re-writing of Italian modern history is still widely missing. Many Italians believe that Italy was neither a migrant nor a colonialist country. Italian schoolbooks even refer to the African colonies as “sand boxes” to explain their lack of resources and economical uselessness for Italy’s war efforts. Yet, Italy committed tragic war crimes. The work also plays on our, western, incapability to even distinguish the country’s shape. The title A place under the sun was the name given to the Ethiopian mission by Mussolini.

2021_CAM_Un posto al sole_CM.jpg
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